[plug] usb mouse in debian

Ryan ryan at slowest.net
Sun Jun 3 00:15:04 WST 2001

I have found the instructions in {path to linux kernel 
source}/Documentation/usb/input.txt to be
rather useful even to the extent that it fixed all my problems ;)

Also check dmesg to see if the usb ports are finding any devices, or any 
ports for that matter!

<snip from input.txt>
2. Simple Usage
   For the most usual configuration, with one USB mouse and one USB keyboard,
you'll have to load the following modules (or have them built in to the


   After this, the USB keyboard will work straight away, and the USB mouse
will be available as a character device on major 13, minor 63:

         crw-r--r--   1 root     root      13,  63 Mar 28 22:45 mice

   This device, has to be created, unless you use devfs, in which case it's
created automatically. The commands to do that are:

         cd /dev
         mkdir input
         mknod input/mice c 13 63

   After that you have to point GPM (the textmode mouse cut&paste tool) and
XFree to this device to use it - GPM should be called like:

         gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/input/mice

   And in X:

         Section "Pointer"
             Protocol    "ImPS/2"
             Device      "/dev/input/mice"
             ZAxisMapping 4 5

   When you do all of the above, you can use your USB mouse and keyboard.
<snip from input.txt>

At 10:34 PM 02-06-01 +0800, you wrote:
>hey pplz
>i just installed a copy of debian 2.2r3, and tried to start x, it just hung,
>and when i looked at the crash stuff, it said no mouse detected, so i
>changed the settings, and set it to /dev/usbmouse (which i was told to do)
>and set the XF86Config to use USB interface, language to talk to the pointer
>device, and it said the protocol wasnt supported under my operationg system,
>yet it starts in startup, and works fine in any other usb enabled version of
>if nayone has any suggestions, plz email me

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