[plug] CD Disk label reading?

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Jun 3 16:12:52 WST 2001

Try using a cd burning program.  gcombust and eroaster have an info
button which can read an iso and extracts that info.  Its obviously
using something like mkisofs to read the info, but a quick "man mkisofs"
is a bit overwheming!


On 03 Jun 2001 15:44:44 +0800, Trevor Phillips wrote:
> I've hunted around the usual Linux doc sites, but haven't really found
> anything that'll do what I want - which is to find out the "label" of a CD.
> ie; I'm looking for a simple tool to read an ISO image and tell me the ISO
> disk label. The closest I've come so far is to run a Windows app using WINE
> which'll show disk labels - and that truncates the label anyway...

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