[plug] honeymoon is over - Telstra introduces traffic cap on freedom ADSL

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Thu Jun 7 11:30:49 WST 2001

> I'm sure they could handle you to have a 10-15 GB grab session over a
> month...just not every month. 

Actually I think you'll find they can't.  Telstra (like most
ISPs) purchases their bandwidth by the pipe size, so they need you to use
a consistant size every month to minimise the size they need.

Also, as has been pointed out already, 3GB for under $80 is REALLY cheap
- most ISPs pay about that much for 1GB and that's not counting the cost
of getting the data from the provider to the ISP (ie fibre/ISDN etc)

I do have a problem with the bait & switch tactics they have used to get
their large customer database, with a vague "fair use policy" which they
then update once they have cornered the market.

The exorbitant /MB charges after you reach your limit are a problem too.

 - Matt(who wishes iiNet's ADSL included free WAIX)

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