[plug] very ot: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Michael Hunt michael.j.hunt at usa.net
Thu Jun 7 13:55:24 WST 2001

Earnshaw, Mike [mailto:earnshawm at wa.switch.aust.com] wrote:
> I have a 45rpm of Reg Nulty singing "You are everything to me ..." still
> brings a cringe when I play it, Disaster Area not too bad and of course
> the theme is great, bit scratchy but not bad for a 20+ (25+?) yr old
> vinyl. Maybe I should try and get it to MP3 for the HGTTG diehards? Now
> anyone got a phono hitched upto a PC? ...

Yeah I have one connected up here in my workshop.

Only foreseeable problem is that I am in West Africa at the moment. *grin*

Michael Hunt
An aussie in Africa.

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