[plug] Slow proxy

Kevin Shackleton kevins at wn.com.au
Sun Jun 10 14:48:21 WST 2001

It seems that Simon has the winning entry

(Simon Scott wrote:
>         Just a few things to do
>         a) Add more ram
>         b) Make sure you arent running daemons you dont need to be.
>         c) Add more ram :)

I made the machine run a little faster by reducing cache memory from 8
MB to 4, leaving more room for other processes.  Initially I discarded
RAM as the problem because I expected the disc to thrash.  I suppose
that's an illustration of Linux being a little cleverer than Windows?

Although I had a proxy running quite happily on 12 MB using RH5.0 a
while ago, it seems that with ipchains and more modern other components
(even though I'm using RH6.2, not 7.1) 16 MB is not a feasible amount of

Looking through the html docs, there's a referral to someone having
profiled a range of squid servers.  The minimum RAM was 128 MB and most
were 256 or more.

btw, having just bumped my machine to 256 MB, it's heaps better at
starting up large new X sessions (SO, Netscape and vmware).  Highly
recommended - less than $100 now!


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