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Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Tue Jun 19 11:07:06 WST 2001

Harry McNally wrote:
> Hi Christian and Jon
> I had Win4Lin demo working ok using RedHat 7.0 but it did require a patched
> kernel that I grabbed from the Linux Pocketbook CD (3rd Edition). The only
> bug I found and chatted to Netravese about was pointing Win4Lin at my Win98
> partition. I had to use the /dev Linux device for the partition rather than
> go through their direct partition access driver.
> A quick seach of www.netraverse.com reveals ..
> http://www.netraverse.com/support/downloads/kernel_precompiled.php
> and
> http://www.netraverse.com/downloads/kernel_patch.php
> for precompiled and roll your own.
> Mandake 8 and Redhat 7.1 are both listed for a precompiled kernel to download.
> I'd like any comments on Debian and Win4Lin since this is what I'd like to
> get going. Netraverse helpfully say:
> "If you use Debian, Corel Linux, or some other distribution that uses .deb
> and/or dpkg to handle packages, note that Win4Lin Desktop 2.0 does not
> support these distributions." <bleeeah>
> Has anyone managed their own patches ?

Yeah, I downloaded the .rpm, ran it through alien and installed it.
Have to run the postinst.sh script to get it to clean up the install, but
it worked fine.

I know it not kosher, but this time I did apt-get install rpm
and rpm --nodeps -e Win4Lin
That works too..
to remove just rpm -e Win4Lin

For the new version.. download the graphical installer (which only supports the
listed distros, and not debian) start the download process, and quit after it
downloads the .rpm
You will find the .rpm in /var/win4lin/installer_tmp
Install as usual, then run the graphical install program again to register it.

The vanilla kernel patches work fine.
I have run 2.4.5 and am running 2.2.19 now with no problems..

On the Vnet issue I'm having.
Netraverse have congratulated me on being the first to find this particular problem.
Something to do with installing my windows session under V1, upgrading to V2 then V3
and not having the right networking components installed :p)
Trust me to have the most screwed up installation they know about.
Will keep you posted on the results.

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