[plug] stuffed rpm

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 11:33:48 WST 2001

oh well, cheers anyaway. seeya!

>At 10:29 AM 20/06/2001 +0800, you wrote:
>>my rpm programme under kde is bunky and i want to get an update. where can
>>i get it and is there any way to install debian packages? i'm using the
>>standard packages under RH 7.1
>>cheers then!
>>anarchist tomato
>From what you have written you are running RH7.1? yes...
>If so then you are running the latest "rpm" for RH, unless kde has released
>an update for their package manager.
>You can't install Debian packages onto a RH machine (well you could but you
>will have serious problems).
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