[plug] RH7.1 Install problem

Dwight Jackson djackson at transport.wa.gov.au
Fri Jun 22 11:49:42 WST 2001

Trying to get RH7.1 running on my desktop. I also have win98 running.
Everytime I try to partition the hard drive it says I have 14GB
remaining but when trying to allocate partitions for the mount points at
the top it says no free space. I have ghosted the PC and formatted the
disk. Then loaded my PC image and then tried to reload RH7.1 but still
the same problem. I'm really new to RH though RH7 was a breeze to
install. I had a look at the fdisk in RH7.1 as well but it will only
allow 4 primary partitons and I think win98 has one and I have an
extended partition for Novell.
My partition table looks like so:
<not set>    hda3    2047M Win95 FAT32
<not set>    hda5    1027M Win95 FAT32
<not set>    hda6    1019M Win95 FAT32
in Disk Druid and in FDISK it looks like this:
/tmp/hda1            262    522    2096482+    5     Extended
/tmp/hda3                1    261    2096451+    b    WIN95    FAT32
/tmp/hda5           262      392   1052226+    b    WIN95    FAT32
/tmp/hda6          393       522    1044193+    b    WIN95    FAT32

I have an extended partition with 2 logical drives in it. Now with Fdisk
how can I partition my filesystems on this hard drive??

Remembering I'm still fairly new to Linux any ideas??


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