[plug] Fetchmail

J Tonkin blazer666 at dingoblue.net.au
Sat Jun 23 09:03:06 WST 2001

Recently i set up fetchmail on my Linux router because the amount of e-mail
accounts was getting rather confusing. Any way everything runs fine if i run
fetchmail from the console but it wont run as a daemon. I don't get any
error messages i have it set for 15mins and only if my ppp0 device is up but
no mail is downloaded.
my fetchmailrc
    proto pop3
    interface ppp0/    not really!
    set daemon 900

poll mail.dingoblue.net.au
    user <username>
    pass <password>
    is <local username>

As i said it works fine manually but it doesn't download as a daemon.
Any help would be appreciated

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