[plug] ReiserFS anyone

Mark marks at omninet.net.au
Thu Jun 28 12:25:10 WST 2001

Kim Covil wrote:

> I can't remember the instructions for building an initrd off the top of
> my head as I usually build these sorts of things into the kernel (if you
> are using reiserfs on your root partition I see no benefit in having
> reiserfs only as a module as the module will always be loaded)
> Hope that helps...
> Cheers
> Kim
> PS I gave up on reiserfs due to problems with exporting a reiserfs
> parition over NFS causing file corruption and now am using SGI's XFS
> instead...


You may have saved me some bother here. Although I am reluctant to give
on something I have invested time in.
Do you remember which version of reiserfs you were using? 
I also export my file systems using NFS it wont be much use if it 
cant do that reliably.


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