[plug] wget on iinet's opera - linux 2.0.33

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Fri Sep 28 15:22:53 WST 2001

Mike wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for the wget file, just uploaded it and chmod +x wget
> unfortunately it doesn't want to go - so that issue re static
> libraries you mentioned is probably it,
> oes look like I'm missing libraries, this is what
> ldd ./wget does:-
> ldd: can't execute ./wget (No such file or directory)
> Can I get the libraries, put them in my dir and point to them
> there,
> This is an interesting way to learn about linux, like any o/s
> things are'nt clearcut, not having a compiler on opera (or
> having it restricted) is the pain here I guess,

Grab the wget source and compile it up on your machine as a static
binary. Then you won't need any libs :p)

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