[plug] Debian: no telnet access after stable -> testing upgrade

Andrew Howell andrew at belzedar.leederville.it.net.au
Fri May 3 15:53:16 WST 2002

Do an 'apt-get install login telnetd' to make sure you running the
latest versions of login and telnetd.

And reload inetd. (/etc/init.d/inetd reload)


On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 10:13:14AM +0800, Denis Brown wrote:
> Dear Plug members,
> Have upgraded a Debian "stable" box to "testing" using apt-get method by 
> pointing sources.list to the "testing" branch.  All seemed to go fine 
> including post-upgrade question/answer session however I can no longer 
> telnet into the box.   Attempts to telnet are met with
> telnetd: /usr/sbin/login   file not found.
> Could not locate any reference to this path in the inetd.conf file but 
> located a "login" executable in /usr/bin/login so created a symlink to it 
> in the /usr/sbin directory and hey presto, telnet presents a "login:" 
> prompt and asks for username/password.  Entering this info correctly 
> results in access denied (ie. bad password) but can log in okay at the 
> console with the same data.  Obvious things like caps-lock checked :-)
> Unable to find anything related on the Debian site.  Logs such as auth.log, 
> daemon.log and so on are not helpful and the "faillog" file cat's to 
> screens full of ^@ symbols.
> Questions:
> 1. Where would I find reference to the login executable path, if not in 
> something like inetd.conf?
> 2. If it is okay to use the symlink, what could be preventing 
> authentication for a normal user?
> 3.  The "faillog" file...  Is it appropriate to "cat" this file or should 
> some other programme be used to explore it?
> Thoughts appreciated!
> TIA,
> Denis

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