[plug] building GRUB against uClibc or as a static binary?

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Sun Aug 3 23:18:19 WST 2003

>>>I'm working on a netbootable utility image to be used as an installer
>>>for the Computer Angels distro.
>>Whoa. Computer Angels distro?! :o CA-Linux? :) Angelinux? ;)
> Dina-Linux of course. :)

We have a customised Debian that we're putting on machines at present, 
and the software that this installer is for is just a somewhat updated 
and differently configured version of that. It really isn't anything 
grand and eventful.

That said, the useability improvements should be significant, with some 
important bugfixes to core apps like AbiWord, a new file manager 
(ROX-Filer), etc.

The world has enough incompatable "do it your own way" distros.

Craig Ringer

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