[plug] [SCO][link] $US1399 for right to run Linux

Kai Jones kai.jones at broome.wa.gov.au
Wed Aug 6 09:28:23 WST 2003

"Cleary, it's at a point and time where we are going to take matters into
our own hands and move forward. It's time to start marching onward again
with our legal claims."
In other words, sue someone else because they can and because their share
price is going up, Darl's a pr!ck.

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> "Linux users face a serious question. Is $699 too much to pay
> for a good
> bath?
> The $699 scrubbing fee is exactly how much SCO wants for one
> CPU's worth
> of a Linux license, and that's just for the time being. Come
> October 15,
> the single CPU fee jumps to a whopping $1,399."
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/53/32187.html
> What a crock...
> / Ben

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