[plug] DNS and Debian

Ady Gould KiltOtter at bdu.org
Sat Aug 9 16:59:55 WST 2003

Hi guys
I'm trying to get a few things sorted out with DNS (Bind 9) on a Debian
(Woody) machine.
The situation is:
1) internal DNS for 4 domains
2) external DNS for 4 domains
3) single IP for all incoming, via ADSL router, with NAT automatically
What I'd like is a hand / some pointers to how to set Bind 9 to do
private and public DNS with only the WWW, NS, MAIL and one or two other
essential services being exposed to the public DNS side.
Once this is working then I can get my ISP to put a reverse lookup in
for the domains, and away I go :)
Thanks for the help, in advance.
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