[plug] Putting knoppix in compressed form on a hard drive

John Clayton mageaere at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 11 18:01:23 WST 2003

I have been thinking about knoppix and have been remastering at home. My 
thought is this. Instead of setting up a knoppix iso that fits on a cd or 
even a dvd one could create a much larger filesystem to put on a hard disk 
in compressed form. So, you could set up a source filesystem to create the 
master from that is a big number of Gb with every bit of software under the 
sun on a system with loads of hd space, compress it the knoppix way into 
something around a 1/3 of the source Gb and then put that on a system where 
there are stricter hd size constraints like a laptop. Whenever you want to 
change or update the installed components do it using the uncompressed one 
on the system with lots of hd memory and then recreate a master copy for the 
laptop to use. With the speed and memory available on modern laptops the 
speed cost would not be all that noticable except for apps that really 
require all that grunt for themselves.  Does anyone know af any issues that 
would prevent this from working?

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>Subject: Re: [plug] Putting knoppix in compressed form on a hard drive
>Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:50:14 +1000
>Ooops..sorry.. I was just all excited about how neat this is :)

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