[plug] Printer sharing Dodgy

Ryan Smith ryan at westnet.net.au
Thu Aug 14 19:44:19 WST 2003

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> (I don't know much about Windows, so I don't know what terminology to
> use)...does Win2K let you specify the IPP address of your CUPS server
> instead of using "Network Neighbourhood"? <fiddle diddle> Ah...maybe the
> Windows printer's "network path" is what I think you could change. I
> thought Win2K had built-in support for ipp://.../... or
> http://...:631/... network paths (well, I'm pretty sure of it).
> *However*, perhaps this relies on some driver support? (I'm used to Macs
> and UNIX machines having a generic PostScript driver whereas Windows
> application vendors apprently like to supply their own, so that they can
> interfere with the already clunky operation of your Windows computer).

no the address is right. Its more it keeps on coming up with errors saying
cannot connect, access denied. and each time i turn on the server the
comment keeps on changing to something other than what ive got in samba.
just something strange that might have something to so with the problem. and
yet i dont have this problem in win98.

whatswrong with win printer drivers. usually they come with the printer when
you buy it. if you dont have any they can generally be downloaded or windows
can install them. ok they arent perfect but they seem to work.


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