[plug] nvidia

Craig Dyke grail at westnet.com.au
Sun Aug 17 02:03:20 WST 2003

Howdy all

I noticed someone posted a problem they had with Debian and nvidia.

Anyone have advice for all nvidia linux systems?

My problem is that whenever I install the nvidia glx & driver stuff and
then fire off X, my scrren goes black and then I get a half white & red
cursor square cursor in top left corner and some garbage in bottom

My only way to get out of this screen is with ctrl-alt-delete which will
whole pc.

Any suggestions?
Have viewed Xfree log and all seems fine in there.

Other things I did try was using the option of NvAgp.

At settings of 0 or 1 X starts but glxinfo returns errors about no GLX.
On option 2 or without this option set at all I get the scenario mentioned

Hope someone can help me (was relatively bald before this debarcle).


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