[plug] Any experience with NT1-plus ISDN modem?

Stephen Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Tue Aug 19 09:39:18 WST 2003

From: apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au

>We have an NT1 plus II installed running from Mandrake. Generally 
>runs exceptionally well. We originally had an NT1 for about 18 
>months and the new one since January.

Thanks Alex

Can I ask a couple of basic questions - the reason for using ISND
instead of ADSL, do you the USB or serial connection, and did you
need any specific modem init strings to make it work?

And to anyone else using ISDN, Telstra says it will disconnect the
call after five hours (at least on the new plan) and you must redial
back to the server. Since the redial is so quick, and now there is no
time or call charges, this seems pretty pointless. Do they actually
do it?



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