[plug] Fedora changes in Samba ?

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Thu Apr 1 15:44:13 WST 2004

Kai Jones wrote:

> I checked the Samba logs last and there's nothing in there indicating 
> any problems.
> I haven't added any users to that box for years but when I did I added 
> a unix user with "adduser [username]" and then "passwd [username]"
> I will try smbpasswd tonight after work and see what happens

My bad, I should've been clearer the first time.  Its not that I'm 
saying that you should be using smbpasswd... if you used smbpasswd to 
add users to Samba when you originally set it up, then you were 
definitely using encrypted passwords.  But, if you didn't use smbpasswd, 
then you aren't using encrypted passwords, you're using plain text 

So since you haven't got a setting for the "encrypted passwords" 
directive, then its possible that in Samba 2.2.x that you were using 
before your upgrade, the default for "encrypted passwords" was no, but 
now in Samba 3.x, the default might've changed to yes.  So try setting 
"encrypted passwords = no" in smb.conf, reload Samba and see if it works.

/ Ben

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