[plug] Fedora changes in Samba ?

Kai Jones kai.jones at broome.wa.gov.au
Thu Apr 1 15:59:45 WST 2004

Ben Jensz wrote:
> Kai Jones wrote:
>> I checked the Samba logs last and there's nothing in there indicating 
>> any problems.
>> I haven't added any users to that box for years but when I did I added 
>> a unix user with "adduser [username]" and then "passwd [username]"
>> I will try smbpasswd tonight after work and see what happens
> My bad, I should've been clearer the first time.  Its not that I'm 
> saying that you should be using smbpasswd... if you used smbpasswd to 
> add users to Samba when you originally set it up, then you were 
> definitely using encrypted passwords.  But, if you didn't use smbpasswd, 
> then you aren't using encrypted passwords, you're using plain text 
> passwords.
> So since you haven't got a setting for the "encrypted passwords" 
> directive, then its possible that in Samba 2.2.x that you were using 
> before your upgrade, the default for "encrypted passwords" was no, but 
> now in Samba 3.x, the default might've changed to yes.  So try setting 
> "encrypted passwords = no" in smb.conf, reload Samba and see if it works.
> / Ben

No worries, I've made the changes and restarted Samba, I'll see what 
happens when I get home.


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