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Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Fri Apr 2 19:52:59 WST 2004

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 07:24:19PM +0800, Bernd Felsche wrote:
> I've just received the May 2004 edition of Linux Magazine that has
> an article on Wiki*. It's a long article and it'll take me a while
> to get my frazzled mind around it...

> A web-based magazine can of course also have more-active content; as
> well as provide sneak previews of the articles being composed.

A quick followup from all the threads :)
And do not take offence at the way I word my mail.. I am happy and feeling fine..
if you read my words another way.. tis your issue not mine :):):):)

Reality is..  basically just how it goes :) imhe (experience)

Volunteer driving endeavours need a solid 24x7 pusher behind them..
That was me with LinMagAu :).. 

Someone to marshall the "I will help" folks.. and actually get them to 
do the things they said they would.. This is not so easy.. as you often
reach the issue of just silence and non response to requests to followup

People are busy.. and when they are giving their time for not much in the
way of "thanks" let alone $.. there is only so much you can nudge them with :)

I ran out of time to hassle folks, and in the end found it easier to do it 
myself.. but then even ran out of time to do that :(

What bothers me a lot is that I have watched (yet again) the thread of help
drift into the the thread of rebuild from scratch.. thisseems to happen alot..
and the end result on many occasions is a stagnation of nothing happening at all :(

If you think you can build it from scratch and do it better..
then put your money where your mouth is :).. I am happy to hand over the archives..
BUT::: Disclaimer.. only with the permission of the authors.. 
That is.. I feel I have a responsibility to those folks who did contibute their
work.. and thus if you want it..you have to make sure they are ok for you to have it..
Call me old fashioned :)

2) The LinMagAu site always had the ability for people to "add thier 2cents worth"
more so when we moved to the new format.. but in reality very very few folks 
actually did.. thus rebuilding in a new format that allows people to do this..
to me.. seems a duplication and in the history of LinMagAu it didnt make a big

PLEASE.. those of you who did send articles, add links, etc etc.. do not take 
offence.. you, as a group have been great..but you as a group have also been few :(

3) Bandwidth..costs.. I have been greatly supported by lowcost, no extra charge
type support from horms.. (Simon Horman) long suffering admin :).. this cant go on
forever.. so this is a factor to consider.. getting hit by slash.. does cost :)

4) Security, as we have seen, is an issue.. I initially used PHP Nuke.. got hacked
way way back.. moved to PostNuke.. and although there is no proof that this is 
the reason for the current issue.. the finger is pointing at me :(.. there have 
been really terrific offers of help to assist with the forensics of the box..
but that is not my issue.. I dont own the box, obviously the offers have been passed along..
to point is.. whatever you chose to run, will deemed as insecure :(.. and there are
these issues to deal with.. along with lots of others.. all aside from the actual
content and getting the pages up and current and fun and and and :)

5)6)7)8) and and and :)

This mail is already long enough..

Whilst a number of folks have put up their hand on this list.. 
(and I am not sure of what other lists have said or feel about this.. 
 as I unsubbed all my accounts a few days before the announcement)
 the point is .. there still needs to be a driver.. 

 Perhaps it is you :):)


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