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Senectus - senectuskal at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 2 21:05:12 WST 2004

>What bothers me a lot is that I have watched (yet again) the thread of help
>drift into the the thread of rebuild from scratch.. thisseems to happen 
>and the end result on many occasions is a stagnation of nothing happening 
>at all :(
>If you think you can build it from scratch and do it better..
>then put your money where your mouth is :).. I am happy to hand over the 
>BUT::: Disclaimer.. only with the permission of the authors..
>That is.. I feel I have a responsibility to those folks who did contibute 
>work.. and thus if you want it..you have to make sure they are ok for you 
>to have it..
>Call me old fashioned :)

This is what prompted me to  speak against this before, I feel that if we 
can get a handful of guy^H^H^H  People together to run the site as is for a 
few months, then if all looks stable, we'll talk about rebuilding and 
financing into something with the same "structure" and design philosophy but 
better technical implementation (not that I'm saying its badly done now, but 
there is always something better... its part of being a geek).

I fear that I cannot dedicate more than a few hours a week of solid 
help/support, plus the occasional visits for when I have the 
time/energy/permission from S.O. ;-)
But I promise the not let people down if I accept any role offered.
I also promise to invest in a spell checker ;-P

I wonder if it would be worth having a physical meet up (with coffee and 
nibbly bits) when we start getting volunteers?

I will volunteer my time for some of the following:
Writing Articles (not too many, as I'd be the first to admit that I don't 
know as much as I sometimes think I do)
Gathering Articles (ditto)
And Moderating Forums (I spend a lot of time in forums.. so I think I could 
do this easily)


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