[plug] GIMP/Pshop

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Sat Apr 3 16:22:08 WST 2004

Craig Ringer wrote:

>One of my users recently typed in some French passages. The app cleverly
>went "that's French! Want a French dictionary?" - to which the user
>clicked the default ("OK"). All was well ... except that the app didn't
>want to use the English spelling check anymore. 
I had a user the other day that had a problem where Word thought one 
paragraph in a multi-page document was in Spanish (it wasn't), with the 
rest of the document being in English.  But, no matter were you had the 
cursor in the document, it kept defaulting to using a Spanish dictionary 
for spellcheck for the entire document.

Oh and then another user that had a document that would would open 
normally, but as soon as you told it to save, it would suddenly declare 
the file as being read-only and they had to save it with a different 
filename.  They did this until they had about 7 different saved copies 
with more additions each time.

/ Ben

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