[plug] ghosting and partitions

Michael quadfour at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 4 13:35:24 WST 2004

Why 'o' why would you make so many partitions? That approch doesn't seem 
to plan for the future.

Kind Regards
Michael Collard

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, smclevie wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thanks for the help regarding this issue.  I've copied my config directory 
> /etc to another 'storage' drive and other directories ( /boot and /var/www )
> I also then used a small excess hard drive to practice putting a complete 
> installation with my partition requirements.
> When everything was functional and installation issues finalised I scrubbed 
> the original hard drive and started again.
> My reasons for doing this was that my original partition structure meant 
> that I had a real nightmare ahead of me so I thought it best to restart. ( 
> Apart from the fact that I don't get joy from even simple adjustments to 
> fstab!! )
> SO!
> Here are my results,
> I now know that one must 'define' certain directories before others.  eg in 
> the partition list one must have a '/var' directory before the '/var/mail' 
> directory.
> If this is not done, the directory (partition) is not recognised for some 
> reason.  ( I think this is a bug myself ... )
> I would prefer to put partitions wherever I want but...
> I also now suggest an initial primary partition followed by logical 
> partitions.  Reason being the ease of adjustments later ...
> It is possible to have 4 primary partitions on IDE drives or 3 primaries 
> and 63 logicals.  This is the absolute maximum.
> (One would be quite silly to go anywhere near these extremes of 63 logicals !!)
> For those who might be interested this is my partition list for a 40G drive 
> used as a server.  Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
> Filesystem	Type			Size	Used	Use%	Mounted on
> /dev/hda1	primary		ext3	370M	72M	21%	/
> /dev/hda5	logical		ext3	19G	1G5	9%	/var
> /dev/hda6	logical		ext3	9G2	1G8	21%	/usr
> /dev/hda7	logical		ext3	462M	8M9	3%	/tmp
> /dev/hda8	logical		ext3	2G3	34M	2%	/home
> /dev/hda9	logical		ext3	1G9	33M	2%	/usr/local
> /dev/hda10	logical		ext3	939M	18M	2%	/var/mail
> /dev/hda11	logical		ext3	939M	17M	2%	/var/ftp
> /dev/hda12	logical		ext3	1G9	44M	3%	/var/www
> /dev/hda13	logical		swap	~670M			/swap
> /dev/hdb1	primary		ext3	111G	4G7	5%	/storage
> Although I have 512M RAM I leave a significant Swap partition at the end of 
> the drive.
> The system is pretty big in terms of number of applications running.  It is 
> a freshly installed system without much data as yet.
> Why all the partitions?  Control over hacks and blowouts at least.  There 
> is a limit to how much I can get spammed! (Albeit rather a lot of spam!)
> I reckon this is pretty sweet.
> Comment and improvements appreciated (surely can't beat this can you??!!)
> Cheers,
> Steve.
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