restoring /. files with rsync was: Re: [plug] apt-get remove fails

Russ Powers russ at
Sun Apr 4 13:41:13 WST 2004

--- James Devenish <devenish at> wrote: 
> In message <200404022052.37264.russ at>
> on Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 08:52:37PM +0800, Russ Powers wrote:
> > I can't imagine what kind of hardware problem could cause just
> > one package to die.
> Bad blocks on the hard drive.

Sorry about the delay but, I did the reiserfsck and it found errors on one of 
my partitions. So I tried to rebuild it and I've spent yesterday reinstalling 
linux.  :)

Thank goodnes for rsync!  ;)

But I do have a question now about rsync. when I do an rsync -ar from the 
backup to this machine, it doesn't restore my . files. Is there a flag I'm 

And you're probably right about the hard drive James. That's the second time 
I've had that problem. So either reiserfs and I don't get along or the drive 
is on its last legs.


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