[plug] Fooling around with locales, timezones and other magic

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>More complicated than that... it's cultural. In Germany, you have to
>be on your toes all day.

Talking of Deutschland. I remember being there in Feb/March 1994 and in the
runup to Lent - Called Fasching IIRC, you sort of took your life in your
hands if you wore a tie on the last Thursday. I was in a restaurant where a
couple were getting very lovey-dovey, when a waiter came past at a crouch,
grabbed the male and tipped his chair backward so he was totally
unbalanced, while the waitress produced a huge set of shears and clipped
his tie off. He was rather unhappy, but they offered him a free drink and
hung the tie in the bar.

No connection to Linux at all, although I did manage to get a Linux mention
in ;)


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