[plug] Printing, US and Wow

Garry garbuck at westnet.com.au
Thu Apr 8 20:03:48 WST 2004

Just talking to my brother in Sinny, who has just started a new job. The 
Oce printers he is fixing run at 1200 pages per minute!! Mind you these 
are costing > $500,000 a piece, but wow just the same.. He admitted that 
they are actually cheating at the moment, using 2 in line with a paper 
flipper to do duplex at hundreds of pages a minute... These things are 
reliably (with maintenance) working after 300 million copies too, which 
blew my mind..

Of course they use Linux for the print servers, making me smile..

Anyone a regular visitor to the US, particularly the Florida area? 
Looking for places to send him shopping, he'll be going on courses there 
very soon. 8^)==

Especially interested in hearing of computer gear places or camping gear 
places (series of shops - lots of locations) which might have an online 
prescence. I have heard of Walmart, but that's about it.



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