[plug] Attention, webcritters!

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Fri Apr 9 09:27:07 WST 2004

Two aspects of the website have been brought to my attention and a third 
became obvious when I visited it to check:

 1. There is no obvious contact address. There should be one (probably
    committee at ...) on the front page.

 2. There is no obvious place to start at all. We need a simple link
    near the top of the page that says "START HERE", no more and no
    less, and which gives a one-page explanation of how PLUG works,
    including direct links to:

        * a contact email
        * a contact 'phone number
        * the mailing list instructions
        * the meeting pages

    Yes, these are mostly on the front page already - but we're looking
    at that with eyes which already know what's going on.

 3. The last meeting notice is over a month old.

I know MissKim's flat-strap busy, but if one or more of our other 
webcritters could step into the gap...?

Cheers; Leon

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