[plug] RCS unix file attributes

Shayne O'Neill shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Sat Apr 10 19:15:47 WST 2004

Trolling source code! Does that involve inserting malicious goto's and
removing 'unnecesary' malloc cleanup code?

10 print "Bastard"
20 goto 10

:) :) :)



> I resorted to trolling the rcs source. I'll go back and look at how it handles
> -k switches.
> > > If someone can tell me why debian rcs has the MS-DOS file type by default
> >
> > Huh? What makes you think it /does/ in the first place? (Debian woody's
> > RCS behaves in the UNIX manner.)
> Hmmm. These are new files that I've created with vim and used ci
> to archive to the RCS dir. co them and the buggers have got CRs in 'em.
> The rcs is vanilla woody so I can't figure out why it would mangle my
> unix files with CRs.
> Maybe my brain is encouraging me to do something else during the easter
> break :-/  Thanks James, I'll keep tinkering. I can google rcs -k now ..
> cu
> Harry
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