[plug] [OT] Aluminium cases

Garry garbuck at westnet.com.au
Sun Apr 11 15:13:29 WST 2004

Chris Caston wrote:
> There is a chance I may have been talking about the wrong metal as I'm
> not a metallurgist. Which metal do you think causes the most trouble?  
> On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 13:34, Chris Caston wrote:
>>Does anyone here recommend against using these in case ( no pun
>>intended) they cause the motherboard to short more often?
>>It seems to be the experience I have been having with them.
>>Chris Caston
Not having seen the inside of an aluminium case, I don't know if there 
is any insulation layer below the motherboard.

What's the advantage of aluminium, apart from being light to carry to a 
LAN? I'm guessing - part from the geekiness look, a brushed aluminium 
case would have to radiate heat better than a coated steel one..
How much of the system heat is radiated rather than moved via chassis 
fans is another discussion, but anyway... 8^)==

If the only drama the Al cases have for you is the shorting, why not go 
down to Clark rubber and buy a square metre of 0.5 - 1mm black rubber 
sheet..? Trimmed to suit and fitted under the m/board, no more 
shorting.. 8^)==


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