[plug] ABC has lost the plot.

Randal Adamson ranz at devdata.net
Tue Apr 13 14:24:10 WST 2004

Hehehe - yeah I saw that too!

I'm surprised they don't get their "fabulous" internal IT Department to
develop it for them ;)

Someone should just send a one-line submission which reads:


This whole concept draws curiosity pointing back to their "fabulous" IT
Department again ;)



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THE ABC's New Media and Digital Services wants a new Content Management 
System, but has placed strict rules on parties wishing to win the 
contract with an open source program.

In calling for expressions of interest, it says "submissions from 
consultants aggregating third-party software, including open-source 
software will not be considered".

But the ABC later issued an addendum that said it would consider 
open-source software so long as the respondent was responsible for 
"creating and maintaining their own open source CM solution".

I guess this means ANY software relying on Microsoft Windows DLLs is out

of contention!!

Be a small tender list I reckon.



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attractive, it gets a renovation.

When a computer system is slow to respond, broken down or incapable, it 
is overhauled.

When a car has lost its gloss but brings enough memories of good times 
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Funny thing, political correctness.

Women get a makeover.
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