[plug] putty for Red Hat Linux 7.3

Randal Adamson ranz at devdata.net
Thu Apr 15 10:50:31 WST 2004

Hi James,

>In general, the preceding command is better performed as this
>(in any shell):
>% less .bash_history
>Or equivalently as this in zsh (unless it is not enabled):
>% <.bash_history

There's always more than one way to skin a cat, that's what's so cool
about *nix - but thanks for the heads-up!

>POSIX STREAMS has been called many things, but never have I heard it
>particularly called "SPYWARE"! Perhaps you are talking about something

I'm more referring to the usage of STREAMS in this particular sense that
it will be logging complete STDIN/OUT of an SSH Session. You can even
log keystrokes. The caution was therefore aimed at this point rather
than POSIX STREAMS in general - and more specifically aimed at corporate
installations (where Government Legislations may have a legal bearing).

>I'm not sure what you mean by "unstable version" -- perhaps you are
>referring to Debian versions? In the case of most Linux distributions
>(incl. Debian), security fixes are very intentionally incorporated into
>existing versions. So, you need not be running the latest version of
>OpenSSH as long as you have had your existing version patched. In the
>case of Debian, you would generally need to be updating your packages
>from the Internet (e.g. security.debian.org) for the promptest security

Bingo! And to go further ... "I love apt" :P 

I was under the impression Red Hat had stable RPM's and unstable RPM's
-> pardon my naivety, but, I haven't used RH properly for about 2 years.
I understand your point re: patching existing versions. But wasn't he
talking about getting it from scratch? Therefore I'd assume he'd go with
the latest version that is all "patched and ready to go".
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