[plug] mta differences

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Fri Apr 16 20:55:15 WST 2004

Craig Ringer wrote:

>Perhaps some of the other "big" mail systems are designed to work with
>OE, but more likely MS tests against some big commercial ones and
>pronounces OE "working" if it passes on them. Standards... what
The issue I have is that I'll probably be building another email server 
for something larger scale in the next few months and I won't control 
over what email clients users will be using, so it'll have to compatible 
with MS email clients as much as possible.  So I'd like to get our 
system down pat and working sweet, so I can duplicate the same thing 
onto another email server.

I've got the retired mail server to do some testing on and may move 
people over onto using IMAP after I've done some testing with that, as 
that'll prove to be useful in terms of providing webmail access as well 
(especially with the bigger project down the track).

One thing I've found sadly amusing in building this new email server, is 
that Clamav is more effective than the previous paid for anti-virus 
software I was using under Linux (we still have the licence for the old 
one - so I could use it if I wanted).

/ Ben

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