[plug] mta differences

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Fri Apr 16 21:02:19 WST 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 20:55, Ben Jensz wrote:

> The issue I have is that I'll probably be building another email server 
> for something larger scale in the next few months and I won't control 
> over what email clients users will be using, so it'll have to compatible 
> with MS email clients as much as possible.  So I'd like to get our 
> system down pat and working sweet, so I can duplicate the same thing 
> onto another email server.

Fair enough.

FYI, while there are problems with Cyrus and Outlook clients, it's used
by a lot of _very_ large sites (big universities and ISPs, tens and
hundreds of thousands of accounts), so I presume the issues aren't
impossible to solve. I haven't paid that much attention, as I don't have
to deal with OE or Lookout.

> I've got the retired mail server to do some testing on and may move 
> people over onto using IMAP after I've done some testing with that, as 
> that'll prove to be useful in terms of providing webmail access as well 
> (especially with the bigger project down the track).

I love IMAP. It's great once users start wanting roaming/remote access
or temporary access to others' mailboxes. It's also nice to know that
the user's mail is safe on the server when their workstation's hard dis

> One thing I've found sadly amusing in building this new email server, is 
> that Clamav is more effective than the previous paid for anti-virus 
> software I was using under Linux (we still have the licence for the old 
> one - so I could use it if I wanted).

I'm extremely happy with ClamAV. ClamAV-milter is a little fussy (you
seem to need to remove any stale socket for clamd / clamav-milter before
it'll run), and I've seen freshclam stop running for no apparent reason,
but ClamAV sure does a good job of the actual scanning. It does it
quickly and efficiently, too.

Craig Ringer

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