[plug] deleting mail using imap

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sat Apr 17 14:41:57 WST 2004

Russ Powers wrote:

| If you tell me that when I delete my emails locally they should be deleted on 
| the server then I will assume I made a configuration error and go find it.

Kind of.  IMAP has a two-phase deletion: you mark the messages you
want to delete (normally by selecting them in your mail client and
choosing its usual "delete" option), and then you tell the server to
expunge them (at which point they're really gone).  Precisely how this
last bit is accomplished depends on the mail client.  Some emulate a
normal "empty trash" system (I think Mozilla does this); others have
an expunge menu item somewhere (Eudora does this, and I think Outlook
too); and there are probably some clients with other, even wackier
ways of handling it.  (e.g. mutt prompts you when you leave a folder
whether you want to purge the messages you tagged for deletion.)

You might want to look around in the menu or the configuration for
something relating to expunging or purging deleted messages.


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