[plug] [OT] Wireless net help

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Mon Apr 19 19:58:05 WST 2004

G'day all,

I have the oddest problem.

I have a wireless link from the office to home.
I'm using a pair of WAP11V2.6 to bridge the network, and at the home end I have a crossover cable 
from the WAP11 to a DWL-900AP+ to serve all my PC's around the unit.

This works great with one caveat.
I can get 3-500kb/s from home to the office, but I can only get 50-80kb/s from the office to home 
when accessed wirelessly.
If I unplug the DWL-900 and plug the WAP11 directly into my laptop I can get 3-500k/s bi-directional 
with no problems.
The only thing I have not yet tried (tonights project) is to put a small hub or switch between the 
WAP11 and DWL-900 to see if that makes a difference.

The WAP11 link is using a pair of Hunts Pasta sauce cans, and is over about 500m but passes through 
6 layers (3 double glazed windows) of glass with metalised tinting and a 10 foot wide concrete 
corridor (It's a pretty torturous path really). I have a pair of DWL-900AP+ but they did not have 
the legs to make the link (even with the max power patched firmware) whereas the WAP11's get 11MB/s 
out of the box so I'm using one of the DWL's inside and the other one is waiting for me to come up 
with a use for it.

Clients are a Prism2.5 PCI card in one pc and Orinoco PCMCIA cards in my laptop and iPAQ.
I can get 250kb's from PC<->LAPTOP which is about right, but I can't pull anything like that over 
the link..

Anyway, I'm after some suggestions or the usual forest for the trees stuff..
I know theres not much info here but it's about all I have.

It's only on-topic as far as every single device accessing the system is linux and all the AP's 
remote syslog to one of the linux boxes :p)

I'm really disappointed with the DWL-900AP's actually. All the info I read on the web stated the 
WAP11's were very optimistically rated at 20db and the DWL-900AP+ was about 17db, but the DWL is 
really pushed at 17db and the WAP11's are pretty close to 20db at the connector.
The WAP11's appear to be a lot more sensitive than people seem to give them credit for also.


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