[plug] copying a floppy larger than 1.44

Russ Powers russ at powerstech.com
Mon Apr 19 21:53:18 WST 2004


I use coyote linux which is a router/firewall on a floppy.

When I created it I chose the recommended floppy image size of 1.68M. Now I'm 
having trouble copying it for a backup. I've been using:

dd if=/dev/fd0 of=coyote.img

change floppy and:

dd if=coyote.img of=/dev/fd0

But all it copies is 1474560 bytes. And when I try to run off the backup disk 
it won't boot. (I've tried about 6 different disks too)

I tried setting bs=1680000 and it made no difference.

I've googled and all I got was the dd method I describe above. There is a 
windows app on sourceforge just for copying coyote floppies but even the 
readme for that says it can't do more than 1.44.

Any ideas? Another way to copy the floppy other than dd? I even tried mcopy 
which copied the original but kept segfaulting when trying to write it back.



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