[plug] Banks to switch to linux...

Senectus - senectuskal at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 16:33:57 WST 2004

haha very funny.. :-)

actually.. I wonder if its possible to do a software RAID of some USB 
keys... it'd have to be customized something terrible.. and performance 
would suck.. plus it would be completely pointless.. :-D


“I don’t think Bastard goes anywhere near to describing the unmitigated scum 
sucking, bottom feeding toerag that is me. But hey – who knew shit could be 
worth so much…”  - Simon Travaglia BOFH (Could have easily been Darl McBride 
that said it though)

>On Wednesday 21 April 2004 15:13, Senectus - wrote:
> >
> > 0.o *mouth drops open* no way.... surely nobody would be that dumb... uh
> > well.. then again.. I had a bloke tell me the other day (quite proudly I
> > might add) that he uses 5x 512mb flash memory USB key's for his daily
> > backups....
>Were they RAID-ed? ^_^

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