[plug] Singing the praises of KDE 3.2

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Thu Apr 22 22:01:26 WST 2004

Upgraded to this recently (Mandrake 10.0). If you use KDE, you need to 
upgrade as well! (-:

On top of all of its other goodness, KMail can now assign keyboard 
shortcuts to a filter. What I do to condemn spam is forward it as an 
attachment to an email subdomain of mine (which rips out the 
attachments and feeds them to sa-learn), then delete it. So... I define 
a filter to do those things, which is not triggered by anything, and 
assign it to the zero key.

  Q: Is this email a spam?
  A: 0

It will also do filtering on a POP server; you can one-click reply to 
default, the author, the list or everyone mentioned; have as many 
identities and mailboxes as you like (and it doesn't mind boxes with 
tens of thousands of message in them, I speak from experience); 
spell-check as you type, all kinds of stuff.

As well as a passel of other new tabbing features Konqueror now has this 
crazy new option on the bookmark menus: "Bookmark tabs as folder". 
Click. All open tabs are now a folder in my bookmarks. Similarly, you 
can save "view profiles" which is the current window position, all open 
tabs and your place in each page.

If you do web design and have never used Konqueror, allow me to 
introduce you to the conveniences of one-click page validation; of 
one-click referral to a variety of HTML editors, other browsers, 
whatever; and the "fish" protocol, which logs onto your server securely 
via SSH, then just treats it like a local directory tree. No need for 
FTP or funny extensions, and of course you can bookmark it or save it 
as a part of a "view profile".

Need to shut down your lappie and go walkabout? Click Sattings, 
Save-view-profile, type a name, Save. Need to go back to where you were 
later? Click Settings, Load-view-profile, pick from list, viola, 
they're all back! If you let KWallet keep your passwords (or include 
them in the bookmarks or use a DSA key), you don't even need to log in 
to the server(s) again.

I'd rabbit on about all of the other new KDE stuff, but I haven't had 
time to play with it all yet.

Cheers; Leon

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