[plug] Singing the praises of KDE 3.2

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Thu Apr 22 22:12:09 WST 2004

Leon Brooks burbled:

| Upgraded to this recently (Mandrake 10.0). If you use KDE, you need to 
| upgrade as well! (-:

I don't use KDE but I've had KDE 3.2 installed on my desktop for a
while.  (All praise apt-get!)

| On top of all of its other goodness, KMail can now assign keyboard 
| shortcuts to a filter.
[...snip description of spam-stopping goodness...]

Neat!  I've been using a similar approach in mutt with a key bound to
piping a message to sa-learn and saving it in a spam folder.

| you can one-click reply to default, the author, the list or everyone
| mentioned

(What I find disturbing is that some email clients /don't/ make it
easy to do this.)

| (and it doesn't mind boxes with tens of thousands of message in
| them, I speak from experience);

*sniff*  My mutt is rather sluggish at opening e.g. my PLUG archive
folder with ~20k messages in it.

| Similarly, you can save "view profiles" which is the current window
| position, all open tabs and your place in each page.

I'm pretty sure these were in KDE 3.1 and probably even older versions

| Need to shut down your lappie and go walkabout? Click Sattings, 
| Save-view-profile, type a name, Save. Need to go back to where you were 
| later? Click Settings, Load-view-profile, pick from list, viola, 
| they're all back!

*mumble* software suspend *mumble*  And what do oversized violins have
to do with anything anyway? :-P


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