[plug] Singing the praises of KDE 3.2 - landmark day for spam

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Fri Apr 23 11:03:47 WST 2004

Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 06:52, James Devenish wrote:
>> Phew! I was worried that the mailbox-format flamewar had disappeared
>> (just kidding).
> Oh, sorry... that's in MailDir format by default, but KMail does both.

Well, I did test KMail with my PLUG archives folder last night and found
it very speedy.  Not quite instantaneous, but several times faster than
mutt.  Both were going through the same IMAP server (dovecot) using
Maildirs, and presumably both also did header caching on the client
machine.  (Mutt certainly did; and since opening the folder in KMail for
the first time took almost a minute, I imagine that it was also caching
stuff.  I've no idea what format thye use, though.)

Mutt seemed faster to open a given message inside the folder.

KMail couldn't understand GPG-signed or encrypted messages sent by mutt
(e.g. many people on Debian mailing lists), yet ones sent from Firebird
(e.g. Garry's posts to this list) came up okay.  I should probably get
around to filing a bug, or at least seeing if someone else has beat me to

KMail also seemed incapable of sorting mailboxes sanely by default.  It
wanted to sort by "order of arrival" rather than date sent, and changing
the sort for one folder didn't affect any of the others.  Probably also
bug-filing material.



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