[plug] Singing the praises of KDE 3.2 - landmark day for spam

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Fri Apr 23 12:31:58 WST 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 11:03, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> KMail couldn't understand GPG-signed or encrypted messages sent by
> mutt (e.g. many people on Debian mailing lists), yet ones sent from
> Firebird (e.g. Garry's posts to this list) came up okay.  I should
> probably get around to filing a bug, or at least seeing if someone
> else has beat me to it.

Weird. I've never bothered setting up the GPG plugin 'coz I've not yet 
received an encrypted message.

> KMail also seemed incapable of sorting mailboxes sanely by default. 
> It wanted to sort by "order of arrival" rather than date sent, and
> changing the sort for one folder didn't affect any of the others. 
> Probably also bug-filing material.

I usually use and prefer "order of arrival", and I *hate* being unable 
to sort different boxes in different ways. I understand that one of the 
(two! already!) later releases introduces a configurable default sort 
order in the folder configuration, which brings you the best of both 

Cheers; Leon

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