[plug] Movie [OT]

Garry garbuck at westnet.com.au
Fri Apr 23 23:43:20 WST 2004

The 1979 movie Alien is on atm.. Interesting to look at the big chunky 
blinkenlights and *very* slow computers.. 8^)==

And jumpy-out-at-ya things too. A classic !!



When a house is getting long in the tooth, less functional and less 
attractive, it gets a renovation.

When a computer system is slow to respond, broken down or incapable, it 
is overhauled.

When a car has lost its gloss but brings enough memories of good times 
to overcome the desire for a newer model, it is restored.

Funny thing, political correctness.

Women get a makeover.
							(c)GB 2004  8^)==

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