[plug] Who shot SCO?

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Sat Apr 24 21:05:31 WST 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 22:31, Harry wrote:
> Interesting commentary on the Baystar developments ..
> http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1107_2-5198152.html

Open Source Law at work:

    Each florid pronouncement from Darl and his henchmen has spawned
    a new thread in Groklaw and hundreds of nit-picking replies. Each
    statement provokes a scurry back through the archives for context
    and rebuttal: each little Darling grain is swiftly turned into a
    pearl. By now Groklaw's Pamela Jones has a string of the things
    that would make Marge Simpson jealous.

Pity JM has a life, else he might have the time to do something similar. 
But IMESHO: lawyer, IT consultant, thespian and husband is enough for 
anyone. (-:

Cheers; Leon

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