[plug] DVD/CD-RW Combo Drives

Michael quadfour at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 25 14:27:54 WST 2004

I don't think this applies to 2.6.3 kernels but you will probably want to 
use ATAPI burning. ide-scsi burning is unreliable and doesn't even 
work with cdrecord-proDVD 2.01a2something or newer on my DVD-R/CD-RW 
drive. I also had to flash the drive to get 8x burning, and that also had 
a side effect of disabling region locking etc. :)

Michael Collard

On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Matthew Prouse wrote:

> I've been asked to convert my girlfriend's desktop over to Mandrake Linux... 
> she thinks KDE is very cute and is tired of getting viruses: and I am tired 
> of fixing them.
> HEr PC is fairly standard except it has a LiteOn CDRW/DVD Combo Drive: I know 
> there are copyright protection issues but will the drive be able to read DVDs 
> and burn CDs under Mandrake 10 (and kernel 2.6.3). Or is it going to be a lot 
> of hassle?
> Thanks
> mousematt
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