[plug] tar and multi-volume archives

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Mon Apr 26 18:29:22 WST 2004

Michael wrote:
> With my recent experience here, I would suggest using the -L option and 
> formatting/mounting those drives. Its not that the M option didn't work, I 
> didn't try it, I don't like theory. The only drawback to the -L options is 
> that you'd need to label the drives :)

Thanks for that, I guess the reason I did not want to fdisk/format/mount the drives is the 
filesystem metadata takes up space on the drive that in this application serves no purpose. I'll 
just end up with one big file on each disk (And the other thing is I really have  6*200GB and 
2*250GB disks, so I can't really give a defined file size).

Besides a dislike of the theory, is there any logical reason not to use the -M option?

The backup would of course be tested before relying on it :p)


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