[plug] Power Transformer??

Milan Pospisil Milan.Pospisil at swantafe.wa.edu.au
Tue Apr 27 14:52:41 WST 2004

>>>On 04/26/04 05:43pm  senectuskal at hotmail.com wrote: >>>

>aww crap.. what a waste of 35 bucks :-P

>Shoulda thought ahead and checked out the requirements ahead of time..

Well, do not despair. If you are not in a hurry I can wind a 25W transformetr with a 5V secondary for you next week. I assume that the primary would be connected directly to 250V AC. The only problem would be the physical dimentions of that think - ie will it actually fit in the hub. Otherwise, if you did not throw away the origonal transformer I could try to rewind that one. If you are interested contact me of the list or give me a call on 9401 3617

                                   Milan Pospisil

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