[plug] KMail on Mandrake 10

J Michael Gilks mike at gilks1.com
Tue Apr 27 20:37:25 WST 2004

Sorry I missed the workshop last night, I trust a good time was had by all.
I had hoped to have upgraded to Mandrake 10 and have a good, tested set of 
Official CDs to bring along. Alas as so often happens the upgrade path is 
not a happy one.
Good news, I did get Mandrake 10 running and it looks very nice, even fixed a 
few problems with inconsistent display and crud sound.
However a major problem to sort out was that my kmail shortcut would start 
then crash with no indication except received signal 11 (crashing).
Could not get around this, so I resorted to a new install.
<plug>yay for separate /var partitions, all my settings are maintained</plug>
Anyway, new install, but now no kmail at all.
Kmail is also not listed in the install rpms anywhere, it no longer exists as 
a separate program.
Kmail is now a part of Kdepim and has been integrated into the groupware 
After installing kdepim I can then start kollab and access mail in there.
On first use a wizard asks if you would like to migrate existing Mail 
directory stuff to the new directory and would you like to enable groupware.
After that seems to work pretty well.
Haven't tried the groupware yet, need to set up a server, however does look 
very interesting.

This is more likely a problem caused by KDE reorganising, but for anyone 
upgrading, it may be a good move to remove kmail first and then install 
kdepim during the upgrade.

Hope this helps.


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