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George Raphael gmraphael at dsgaustralia.com
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So in conclusion...

Do you recommend an Xbox be used as a server/gateway for email, web, traffic

I currently use a Pentium 133 and that works fine... but the only concern is
the reliability of the system. Is the Xbox more reliable than an old PC?

Hence, could I install it in a customers location (which could be out in the
sticks) and forget about it... knowing it will always be on and collecting



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If you ever plug it into the "live" network there is a "dashboard" update
that will stop you from being able to use the mem card hacks... (I guess if
its new enough then they'll come from the shop with the "dashboard" update)
Then you need to mod it..


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>Russ Powers wrote:
>| Geez, $249 for an xbox. How hard is it to put linux on one of them?
>| Thanks.
>Pretty easy these day apparently..
>Matt and Harry massaged the LinuxIT donated one aaagggges ago, but these
>days I believe a mod chip is not required (just a hacked saved game on a
>memory cartridge).
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